Some of our repeat customers want ideas, which on the spot is no problem. We can always make it up according to circumstances.

But if you think you have an idea, - try these examples!

Our Chief Pilot is uniquely qualified as a Minister. We've taken pre-nups up, and brought qualified couples back to earth!

Imagine committing to your life at 2,000 feet over the very city you met, or will enrichen with your 100% legal marriage!


Stone Mountain is fun, but try taking a kid up over the lake where you go fishing, the train station you've visited, or the racetrack you go to every year!

You can be your own kid with a flight over Hartsfield Airport! at 2,000 feet, you can practically put the planes in your pocket!

Mom and Dad may have lived in the city for many years, but have they ever seen the "IBM Tower" and Cartersville Power Plant at the same time?